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Irish Soda bread storage bag from

Irish Soda bread storage bag from http://

Linen is antibacterial and in early cultures has always been associated with cleanliness and protection against illness. Linen wears well and does not soil quickly.
Like silk it retains body heat in cooler weather and when its warm linen can absorb up to 20% moisture without feeling damp and so prevents bacterial growth.

It has an open weave and so air can circulate and is resistant to fungi and insects..It is recommended for use all around the house so this is why our storage bags are perfect for this.
It does not accumulate static is lint free and does not cause allergic reactions. It is said it can calm and heal skin breakouts and reduce inflammatory conditions and this is why it has been used as bandaging right through the centuries.
I think it is a wonder fabric and I love it.
I hope this is of help Karen, I will add a bit more in a day or so as time is the enemy and I need to embroider and finish a new baby bag I am designing.
I could happily talk about linen all day.
Regards Agnes

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