Care Of Linen

Contrary to what people think, Linen is not difficult to care for!
Linen may be washed in a washing machine having first been treated for any stains.
The more Linen is washed the softer and more beautiful it becomes.
Coloured Linens should be washed at 40 degreesC or less or on a cool wash.
It is almost impossible to get a colourfast red linen so always wash our red linen at 30 degrees C or on a cool wash.
Always wash red or dark colours seperately as they may run.
For dark/red linen with light coloured embroidery we recommend dry clean only.

Some Linens may shrink in total between 2 and 7% after the first few washes or not at all! Because of this we have made our product slightly bigger than stated . Shrinkage in all Linen fabric is normal.

Use a good commercial stain remover to remove stains. Do not use bleach! Avoid detergents which contain “Optical Brightening Agents or O.B.A.s”, as they may damage your fabric and alter the colour. Bleach and Optical Brightening Agents are particularly damaging to Natural Unbleached Linens. Some of our Linen is unbleached.
In an ideal world as soon as a stain occurs on your Linen, you should soak it in warm water and a good detergent (without O.B.A.s) . Well I did say “Ideal World” so, do soak it as soon as possible.
Wash coloured fabrics seperately at first as they may run. Its always better to be safe!
You will find great O.B.A. free detergent in your local Health Store.

Tumble Drying
I do not recommend tumble drying for linen.

Ironing Linen while still slightly damp or cupboard dry is a lot easier than when it is too dry. Of course the steam Iron is a great help!!
Use a little linen water, lavender or violet, spraying on while ironing to give your linen a lovely fragrance.
Starch may also be used.
For Embroidery iron on the wrong side, or place a light piece of material over the embroidered area as the iron may snag it otherwise.