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Food for the heart and the soul on a very rainy day in Ireland.

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It is a misty, rainy day in Ferrycarrig. The chill is back,

Food for the heart and the soul ! on a very rainy day in Ireland.

 as it always is when it rains here, but there is nothing like freshly baked Irish soda bread coming out of the oven to make you feel warm and toasty inside.
Freshly baked bread always reminds me of my childhood. My mother was a wonderful cook and confectioner so we were lucky to have lots of gorgeous things to sample all the time.
Once while I tried to master the craft of Soda bread ( which was hit and miss at the time) she said that in order to be really good at bread making you would have to make it every day. Only then will you have constant success.
as I do not have the time to bake every day, my sister K gave me this great fool proof recipe,
it never fails and I use all the time.
The bread can be made with butter milk
This bread is made with fresh milk so no excuses…… always in the fridge!!
So here we go………..

Heat the oven to 240C
Line a 2 LB loaf tin

8 oz of plain white flour
8oz of wholemeal flour
half a cup of milled flax seeds / goji berries and or pinhead oats
1x tesp of baking powder
1x tesp of bread soda
half x tesp salt
pinch of sugar if liked

Sift all above into a large bowl and add
1 x large egg
I small tub of plain yogurt
and use fresh milk to mix into a soft porridge like mixture

Put the mix into the lined loaf tin and pop it in the oven for 40 minutes and
Bob ‘s your uncle..
Freshly baked Irish brown soda bread.!!

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Irish Soda bread storage bag from

Irish Soda bread storage bag from http://

Linen is antibacterial and in early cultures has always been associated with cleanliness and protection against illness. Linen wears well and does not soil quickly.
Like silk it retains body heat in cooler weather and when its warm linen can absorb up to 20% moisture without feeling damp and so prevents bacterial growth.

It has an open weave and so air can circulate and is resistant to fungi and insects..It is recommended for use all around the house so this is why our storage bags are perfect for this.
It does not accumulate static is lint free and does not cause allergic reactions. It is said it can calm and heal skin breakouts and reduce inflammatory conditions and this is why it has been used as bandaging right through the centuries.
I think it is a wonder fabric and I love it.
I hope this is of help Karen, I will add a bit more in a day or so as time is the enemy and I need to embroider and finish a new baby bag I am designing.
I could happily talk about linen all day.
Regards Agnes

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Keep it fresh! In the Irish soda bread bag

Its a dull misty morning here in Ferrycarrig but we look forward to the week- end weather, as it is promised to improve then !?……. Well we live in hope! We enjoyed all that beautiful weather we had in the summer so much….. and forgot about the rain so that was nice.
To day I have a lot to do in my workshop so I will not notice it and later I hope to do some baking including some soda bread which I will store in my bread bag from You know linen has anti bacterial qualities so it is the perfect place for all storage ! and so perfect for storing bread.
See you soon x Agnes

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New Irish Linen Collection

I have been working on this amazing Irish linen.  It is just so beautiful, the texture, the colour, the look…. just wonderful. I hope you approve of my designs and how I have made use of this beautiful linen.  To launch my new Irish linen collection,  I are offering special rates for a short time.  Take a look at our web site /http://www.AgnesHDesign.comImage

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To Blog or not to blog? And Urban Coco Magazine

Agnes H Rósóg Table Runner  with celtic motifI have avoided blogging for a while now, not that everyone is waiting for me to blog or anything, but a friend of mine said I should try it so here I am ! just do it!!! Feel the Fear and all that!!!  So wish me luck!!

To give you an idea about what it is we do;

I have a small textile company in Wexford, Ireland. Agnes H We  make Luxurious Tabletop Linens and unique novelty storage bags which make, great gifts for all occasions.  If you would like to read more about us click on the link below- It is an interview Urban Coco, a fantastic Leeds based Magazine, did with me a month ago.

Now I have to go away and think about my next Blog!!!!!!!!!!