Lingerie Bag with linen patch… Sold out

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The Natural Texture of Plain Linen creates an effortless Sophistication.
This is a lovely gift for you or anyone who loves beautiful things.  Ideal for the Bride to be, Birthday gift or if you want to treat your “Mum” on  Mothers Day or just be nice to yours! as they say -” you are worth it!!”
Made from 100% pure Linen

Colour:  Ivory/Winter white with a gorgeous texture embroidered in Ivory
Dimensions: 59cm x 47cm (23inches x 18inches)
Material: 100% Linen

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1 review for Lingerie Bag with linen patch… Sold out

  1. Claire

    My daughter gave me this lovely lingerie bag for Mother’s day. I keep it on the wardrobe door, in my bedroom, where I can admire it and I keep all my nice lacy things in it!

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