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New Designs for Spring /Summer and “Busy Bees”

We have been “busy bees” here in Wexford, Ireland in the past few months and as a result ….

We have a lot of new tabletop designs in fine Irish linen, including runners and tablecloths  for Spring /Summer about to hit our web site in the next week. The reaction so far has been terrific! so we are delighted with that.

We hope you like them too. In cool blues and pale pink, they are perfect for the summer wedding, all fine dining,  a  St Valentine romantic dinner for two, not to mention dining alfresco. 

Some of our designs depict the very traditional Irish boat called the “Galway Hooker” named, not for reasons that spring to mind! But because it was used to hook fish long before the introduction of fishing nets. (Sorry to kill that other thought!) 

Its shape and design has given inspiration to many modern sailing vessels built in America  in recent years as it is a master in rough seas.

Other designs depict our trad cottage here in Ireland and my favourite is the pink abstract flower on pink  Irish linen.. this is sooo.. nice.!

There is one more ( not shown here) that I am working on and am very excited about. I will keep you posted when it is finished.

Don’t forget to drop by our web site to see our great offers! at..

Let me know what you think?